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    Making New Friends

    Inari Osaki
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    Making New Friends  Empty Making New Friends

    Post by Inari Osaki on Tue Mar 26, 2019 3:19 am

    Masuyo had finished work in the office earlier today giving her enough time to get her hands dirty, so to speak. Her footwear consisted of standard black sandals fitted for comfort and security. With the toes and heel left exposed they provided additional balance, while the rest of the foot up to the ankle was protected by the thick nylon material of the sandal. The soles of the sandals are reinforced with hardened material to resist heavy impacts and weathering. She wore a pair of loose fitting black pants with the bottoms near her ankles taped securely in white bandage wrap. This provided balance and reinforcement to her ankles while closing off the ends of her pants. In addition, more bandage wrap was wrapped around her right thigh which allowed a navy blue holster to be strapped over comfortably. Around her waist she wears the basic utility belt which carries two green holsters on her right side along with a tool pouch around her back side and a canteen to the far left.

    A black mesh shirt is worn under a common long sleeve black top having a red seal of fire placed on the outsides of each sleeve towards the upper arm. Over that was a fitted green flak jacket provided by Konoha's armory. The jacket was zipped up and secure firmly on her body. On both of her hands were a pair of fingerless black leather gloves, each fitted with a steel plate on the backs for protection as well as a means to fortify backhanded strikes. Around her neck Masuyo wears her forehead protector as a collar. The black cloth is tied in a knot around the back side of her neck with the steel plate facing the front for identification. The steel plate has Konoha's emblem engraved on the front. Masuyo has straight black hair which extends down to her mid back. Two strands of hair drop down touching her chest which leads into her bangs, those being cut shorter and swept to the side. She stands at 5'9 weighing approximately 145 lbs. Her fair skin is complimented with her voluptuous form which is completed with a pair of hazel eyes.

    She passed through the market eventually finding herself near the heart of Konoha which was home of the older parts of the village. It was amazing how much the place changed over the course of two years to her. She decided not to relish in her memories as today she was about to involve herself in the darker side of the world. Masuyo was not a fan of civilization, and although she had no strong feelings when it came to carrying out an assassination, the thought of the criminal underworld did make her stomach turn just a bit. The depraved businesses and people whom dwell in these places were not to be underestimated. Given her new position of power she figured it would be best to get on their better side. Her pockets were loaded with necessary bribing money.

    The largest and oldest tavern in the Red Light District was Hanzo Izakaya. There was a reason why this business has run so well in these trying times. As other more developed bars popped up in the newer parts of the city the Hanzo Izakaya has resorted to illegal business to keep itself afloat. But given Konoha's newly enacted Police Force it has fallen back on hard times. She'd approach the door before walking herself in. It was fairly busy inside as a few heads were turned at her entry, with most of them returning back to their business while others kept a cautious glare on the Jounin. Shinobi were as bad as the Police, if not worse given their power potential. Nonetheless they were both seen as servants of the establishment; enemies of all law breakers and evil doers. She did not worry herself. Taking a seat at the bar she give a two-finger way.

    "Hey there, Mister! Quite a business you run here." The barkeeper, a tall dark skinned male turned to face the chipper Kunoichi. He stood roughly six-one, easily two-hundred and fifty pounds in muscle and fat-- fat being the most prominent of the two. He was clean shaven with his left ear pierced with a simple golden ring. He was a pacific islander, dark skinned with features expressing his origin. Despite the place he worked in her wore a colorful tropical shirt and khakis with some rather fine gold jewelry and good cologne. He turned to face the buxom Kunoichi, eyes making a quick shift down her body before back to her eyes. "Drink?" He offered in a deep, tongue-rolling accent making his ethic background more pronounce than before. "Sure, why not?" She said in response, reaching in her pocket as the man bent over to grab a bottle of cheap beer from the cooler. Uncorking the bottle he'd place it on the bar before her. Next to the bottle of beer she'd place her roll of cash. Fifty-thousand ryo in a rubber band.

    The barkeeper looked at the cash and back to the Kunoichi expecting an explanation. She was more than happy to oblige. "I'd like to be welcomed by your associates. Masuyo Kaede is my name. I'll be seeing you around." Masuyo scooted herself off the bar stool as the barkeep graciously accepted the funding. He'd nod with a mild grimace keeping a cool composure. Stuffing the bills in his breast pocket he began jotting information on a notepad as Masuyo was already out the doors. Certainly he was wise to accept her offer. After all, Masuyo did express knowledge of the business that was going on in that tavern. Being short-handed her end of the deal would result in an investigation. Something he was eager to avoid.


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