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    Upcoming Timeskip and Site Update

    Masuyo Kaede
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    Upcoming Timeskip and Site Update Empty Upcoming Timeskip and Site Update

    Post by Masuyo Kaede on Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:51 pm

    The Timeskip

    As most of you have known by now, Gladius plans on going through a timeskip. This timeskip in particular will be a total of two in-game years. Naturally, with two years comes in-character development, whether it's physical, mental or in some cases even spiritual. Regardless of the case, you'll all be rewarded for continuing to be active, whether it was throughout the recently-passed summer or through the entire year. This reward comes in the form of 750 spendable EXP -OR- 500 total EXP. You're only able to pick one of these rewards, so choose carefully!

    Furthermore, for the timeskip only, this EXP can be used exclusively for a variety of different things other than just stat development, specific technique purchases, or bloodline development.


    One of the first and potentially most pivotal to some of you is Ryo. For 1 EXP, you're able to acquire 250 Ryo. Naturally, the total Ryo you can acquire through this method varies based on the type of reward you chose.


    Another value that can have this timeskip EXP allocated to it is Renown. 1 EXP equates to 1 Renown, so go wild.


    Since crafters will naturally be developing items or establishments over the course of the timeskip, this will give them the opportunity that they'd otherwise lack the opportunity of. This allows them to spend their timeskip EXP on crafts, with the cost varying based on the rank. Do note that if you choose this method, you still have to pay for the materials required to make something, though this completely removes the time you have to wait to get that something.

    E: 10
    D: 25
    C: 50
    B: 50
    A: 100
    S: 150
    X: No.

    The Date

    October 1st. That's when the timeskip will occur, and that's when you'll receive the rewards that come with. That also means you have a month from now to finish up any threads you're in at the moment. Feel free to enjoy your role-play experience until then, but be sure to meet the deadline. That is all.

    Strength: C
    Constitution: B
    Stamina: B
    Speed: A+
    Coordination: A
    Intelligence: B
    Perception: A


      Thigh Holster
    • 1 Kunai
      Front Holster
    • 10 Shuriken
      Back Holster
    • 10 Shuriken
      Right Hip Pouch
    • 15 Kunai
    • 6 Chili Pepper Bombs
    • 150 ft. Steel Wire
    • 5 Red Tags
    • 20 Military Ration Pills
    • Bandage Wrap
      Left Hip Pouch
    • 15 Kunai
    • 3 Flash Bombs
    • 3 Smoke Bombs
    • 50 Caltrops
    • 30 ft. Manriki
      Utility Belt
    • Canteen
    • Blacktongue
      Flak Jacket Scroll Holster
    • Small Sealed Weapon Scroll

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