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PostSubject: Senju   Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:48 am

The Senju Clan
of The Hidden Leaf Village
Advanced Element: Mokuton (Wood Release)
Desiyama Senju

Clan History/Description
Centuries before the time of the Sage of the Six Paths, a meteor crashed upon the earth, devastating the land and the people living near the impact site. After suffering heavy losses from this tragedy, the people began to move on from that place, but a few noticed subtle signs of the landscape returning back to normal, flourishing, even, and they stayed. Those stragglers set up a home for themselves near the meteor and thrived in the magical properties of what they thought was a boulder from the heavens, a blessing from the gods that gave life to everything near it. They felt stronger near it, more connected to nature, and so they protected it, creating a small village around the impact site that they guarded with their lives.

Many years passed and those people began to notice changes within themselves. With each new generation, they grew stronger and healthier than before, as if the heavenly stone were bathing them in its power, alongside the land. With this physical power, the people became stronger than all other humans on earth, and lived in simplistic peace and tranquility for a long time.

The stone eventually began to change, having taken roots in the ground that nobody could have noticed, enhancing the power it drew from the planet until it was finally able to grow a stem from what the people now knew as a seed, for a great plant grew from it that reached into the very heavens, a plant that came to be called the God Tree. With the tree now formed, its power shone throughout the land, spreading further than just its guardians, though it did not bestow the same physical prowess. Instead, it spread its energy, imbuing all of humanity over the course of several generations with what we now know as Chakra.

When the representative of the interdimensional Otsutsuki Clan, Kaguya, came into this world to claim the power of the God Tree for herself, she was faced with tremendous resistance, as the guardians of the great tree, the Senju Clan of the Forest, manifested a power not seen in the world. They could give life to trees and plants, manipulating and altering the landscape. With their Mokuton, the Senju were able to keep Kaguya from taking the tree for herself, but she was not to be stopped. The Rabbit Goddess, realizing that something had gone wrong with the God Tree and that its fruit was not forming as normal, corrupted it, causing the great plant to mutate into the ferocious Juubi that devastated the land. Fight though they might, the Senju were no match for the mighty creature, which wreaked upon them the same devastation that had befallen their ancestors so many years ago.

The Senju survivors fled deep into the forests of what is now known as the Land of Fire, to keep hidden from the terrible Rabbit Goddess and her terrible monstrosity. Kaguya then began her conquest of the nations, taking over the many villages and groups that only had limited potential with their chakra. She eventually took the Juubi into herself, becoming the first Jinchuuriki in existence. This solidified her claims to power and erased any hope of being overthrown, until her children were born.

The Senju remained in hiding within their forests for a long time, until word had spread to the world that the Rabbit Goddess had been defeated by her sons, Hamura and Hagoromo. Some Senju even departed to learn from this Sage of the Six Paths, but most remained to build a home for themselves once again. Chakra had now spread to every part of the continent, and over more decades, other clans with Kekkei Genkai of their own were starting to form. The Senju, though the first clan by far, might have made a more prominent name for themselves in the earlier days of history, but the disaster they faced at the hands of Kaguya and her demon mitigated their potential to that of the other clans, and so they grew as one of them, taking up prominence only in the Land of Fire alongside the Hyuga and, eventually, the Uchiha.

Never a people for ruling over others, the Senju did not contend with the Hyuga for ownership of their empire, and enjoyed a time of peace under it, but the rule had become sour, and before a century had passed, many Senju were orchestrating ways to break the Hyuga’s rule. Many rebellions were had, one particularly famous one led by one Ikurō Senju. However, none were able to break that rule until the Uchiha were split from the Hyuga and caused such disarray that the first empire lost its impervious might, and the Senju, alongside the Uchiha and other lesser clans of the Land of Fire, were able to break a hold that had lasted two centuries.

Following this great breakthrough was a time of war unlike any before, where Uchiha and Hyuga were locked in heated struggle to eradicate the other, leaving great destruction in their wake. The other clans of the Land were too small to partake in this conflict on either side, save only for the Senju, and it's for that reason that they would hire themselves out as mercenaries to any that could pay. The only time that the warring clans would unite under one banner was at the threat of invasion by the sprawling Kazehana Empire, and though their combined might could fight off any force, theirs was not a peace to last. As soon as the invasions would end, the chaos would ensue, continuing a pattern of destruction that repeated itself far too often. The Senju, being the only major force not partaking in the eternal power struggle, were the first to take note of this pattern and call for peace. They first brokered a peace agreement between the lesser clans, though the Uchiha and the Hyuga were not yet willing to lay down their arms.

As the conflict between the Uchiha and the Hyuga finally came to a head with the return of the Uchiha Clan's new leader, Kazuya, the Senju Clan Leader at the time Aokirama Senju helped to finally broker a peace between all of the clans within the Land of Fire, and in hand with the Hyuga, the Uchiha, the Yamanaka, the Aburame, the Nara, and the Akimichi, the Senju built upon the remains of a bloodied battlefield the foundation of what soon became the Hidden Leaf Village. As the leader of the Uchiha took the position of Hokage at the behest of the Senju leader and representative, the Senju themselves, alongside the other clans, were each given their own districts over which they were to rule, subservient only to the Hokage and the village as a whole.

Aokirama considered the founding of Konohagakure to be the greatest achievement of his lifetime, nevertheless he insisted on stepping down from the position of clan leader. He maintained that it was time for the next generation to take control of the village's future and if they shinobi clans remained wedded to the perspectives of the past (however well intentioned or accomplished they may be) the village would not be able to prosper. Aokirama wished to set an example for the other clans and as such before relinquishing control of the clan, he persuaded the clan elders to abolish the custom of hereditary rule. He proclaimed that all Senju should have the opportunity to lead their clan and not just those who could trace their lineage to the first of the Guardians. If the Senju Clan experimented with meritocracy then perhaps other clans would follow suit and so he presided over a rigorous selection process that tested combat prowess, wisdom, worldly knowledge, and moral decision making. Aokirama's children who had been in line for succession were eliminated early on, they had relied too heavily on their skill at arms and as a result fared poorly against some of their learned peers. The process was controversial and despite the protestations of his own family Aokirama was allowed to continue with his experiment purely out of gratitude and respect for his role in bringing the country together. When all was said and done, a young woman named Desiyami Senju was selected as the clan leader.

She was from a well established yet relatively small branch of the clan. They were a priestly and noble household more concerned with knowledge, tradition, and morality than warfare. The well regarded Princess was a polarizing figure as she had mastered the art of Genjutsu and used it to devastating effect on her opponents.  The skill that was relatively uncommon among the Senju and while she commanded the respect of her opponents, a small contingent of the clan worried that her selection might cost the clan its position among the three greatest clans in the Fire Country. Desiyami is a recluse and few can say they have had the privilege of prolonged interaction with her. The young woman's comportment to Konoha writ large cloaks the clan's new leader in a shroud of mystery. One thing can be said for certain however, Desiyami's vision for the clan has been made emphatically clear. The Senju Clan will fulfill its duty as Konoha's peacemaker and protector now and forever.

Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics
Members of the Senju Clan are generally taller and of a stronger build than most other people. Their skin tone most often reflects their lineage as a people guarding a bare landscape, before they become known as a people of the forest and basked in the sunlight for many generations. They are tan with dark eyes and even darker hair, most often black, though some have been born with completely white hair, a lighter, almost pale skin tone, and eyes as red as the blood moon.

Bloodline Description & Abilities
The Senju Clan is known for two key aspects of their lineage: physical power and the Mokuton. While the Mokuton is a fairly rare gene, as the Mangekyou Sharingan is to the Uchiha, the natural physical advantages of the Senju Clan is not. As members of a powerful family with roots dating back to the days of the Sage, the Senju possess bodies more suited to the harsh living conditions of the shinobi, able to take more punishment and fight on longer than most of their peers. Those that choose to focus on this trait see even greater results, reaching points in their natural forms that most others must use techniques to maintain. Senju receive a natural two + bonus to either Constitution or Stamina, to be chosen by the player soon after registration.  Should any Senju progress either of those stats to S-Tier, then the unboosted stat will receive the same two + bonus. As with most Bloodline related boosts, these are considered Generic.

Taking this physical component a step further is the Regeneration Ability. This is a healing factor that immediately mends any damage caused to the body, recovering up to but not including severed limbs or half destroyed organs. This ability is passive once unlocked and will drain 2 points of Stamina every post that it’s used in, creating a potential hazard for the user in automatic chakra exhaustion. Not everyone unlocks this ability, however, for while most have it, it lies dormant within them until awakened by exhaustive training, represented by spending 1000 Experience Points. As a cool bonus feature, this ability also passively sustains the body once unlocked, removing any need to eat or drink.

While most Senju focus on the training of their bodies to take advantage of their natural ability, some have, through intense training, manifested the Wood Release Kekkei Genkai. This is an advanced element comprised of Earth Release and Water Release, used in conjunction with a higher Yoton ratio to create within the user a source of life, affording the ability to generate wood and trees from oneself or one’s environment. This is one of the most versatile abilities, as it can be used both defensively and offensively to great potential, with a sole weakness to Lightning Release. Mokuton is also an ability closely related to the Bijuu, providing an inherent control over them through the use of certain high ranking and forbidden techniques, which is perhaps what makes this one of the most coveted advanced elements in the world. This advanced element costs 2000 Experience Points to unlock.

All of these abilities may be unlocked by any Senju, in any order desired, so long as the appropriate costs are paid.

Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks
The natural enhancement of the Senju’s body via stat bonuses is partially transplantable in that the initial two + boost can be gained via implant, but the second one that is earned by reaching S-Tier in one of those stats, is not. If the Senju donor has already obtained this second bonus, however, then even it can be transferred to the recipient. That, in combination with the implant bonuses provided by this Kekkei Genkai, along with the Regeneration Ability and Mokuton, make it one of the highest value targets for Bloodline hunters.

As stated earlier, the Regeneration Ability is unable to affect severed limbs or organs that are 50% or more destroyed. Additionally, it is a passive process that will continue to drain the Senju’s reserves until there is none left to draw, leaving the user in an unconscious state so that energy may return. Theoretically, a Senju can be kept unconscious so long as wounds are continuously inflicted. For implant recipients, this ability costs no Experience, but must have been unlocked in the Senju donor prior to harvesting.

The Mokuton is inherently weak to Raiton, making its Power one rank less when clashing with a technique of that element.  This is one of the abilities not reliant on donor progression to unlock; regardless of the level of the Senju donor, an implant recipient can unlock the Mokuton at the given Experience cost.

Clan Techniques

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