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    Buying Supplies

    Hiroshi Kazehana
    Hiroshi Kazehana

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    Buying Supplies Empty Buying Supplies

    Post by Hiroshi Kazehana on Tue Apr 23, 2019 6:18 am

    After getting a few pointers on his recent training with Magnet Release, Hiroshi had to get the sand needed to effectively use it. He went to a nearby general store and made a request for granite, then asking to turn the said granite into sand. Following afterwards, he bought a gourd that he can place around his back, which is attached to a baldric.

    15x15x15 granite - 750
    Turning the Granite into sand - 30,000
    Getting a gourd that can carry 15 cubic ton of sand - 1,500
    Baldric for gourd - 50

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