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 Rivu Aiasan

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Rivu Aiasan

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PostSubject: Rivu Aiasan   Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:27 pm

Name: Rivu Aiasan
Age: 90
Gender: Did you ju- fine, male
Village: Iwagakure
Rank: Jounin
Title: The Stone's Beast (The given name of the disgraced former friend of the Daimyo, Gensou Sainaan)

Clan: N/A
Bloodline: Nature Clan
Element(s): Earth
(Trading 2 skills for stats, 1 for an element and 1 for a bloodline)


  • Strength: D
  • Constitution: D
  • Stamina: C
  • Speed: C
  • Coordination: C
  • Intelligence: B
  • Perception: B

(This does leave me with 500 extra experience, I’d like to hold onto it)

Unique Abilities____________________________________________________________________________________
Shattered Barriers: Having lived an incredibly long life with a body constantly flowing with Nature Chakra, Rivu has explored many strange intricacies of life. As such, he has the potential to reach the highest echelons of human thought with little extraneous effort. Raising Perception from A to S requires only 1 Stat Point instead of 2.

Technically Starved: Due to Rivu’s long dependence on Senjutsu, he has spent little of his long life in pursuit of many varying skills. As a result, he has 3 fewer skills to allocate over his lifetime.
Head Held Low: Due to sordid past of his clan, taught to every educated member of Iwagakure, Rivu has perfected the ability to disappear into plain site. Rivu is able to practically entirely disappear into a crowd at a moment’s notice. This does not affect sensors or people with direct line of sight on him. Blink, however, and you’ll lose him.

Wounds of the Past: Because of the consternation involved with the bloodline, Rivu will be preoccupied with dealing with the fallout of Iwagakure knowing his true nature. Topics that utilizes the Nature Clan’s capabilities within view of any member of Iwagakure (PC or otherwise) that are not close friends of Rivu (or an apathetic person by their character’s description) will halve experience gains from that topic unless all witnesses are killed.
Naturally Gifted: Because of years spent utilizing the arts of Ijutsu, Rivu has become impeccably talented at feeling out precise control over the style. Being inordinately more talented, in this regard, than the typical user, he doesn’t even have to think about how much chakra is used to sustain techniques. When his max stamina is reduced or split by any means, Ijutsu techniques are lowered by the same rate.
Note that this refers to max stamina; stamina being drained or used for techniques do not enable this Unique Ability

Ignorant, Naturally: Because he doesn’t even have to think about this instinctive Ijutsu control, this ability goes in any direction. The cost of using Ijutsu also increases as Rivu’s generic max stamina is increased for any reason.
Note that this doesn’t apply to extraneous sources, such as Senjutsu Pools.
All In: Putting every fiber of his thought and being into something, Rivu is capable of exceeding standard expectations. After a single technique to be approved by staff is chosen and approved, that technique’s effects can be doubled.

All In: Because of the sheer effort put out by this process, his chakra flares to incredible degrees. Using the approved technique in this manner triples the stamina cost and must be the sole uninterrupted action of that post. Additionally, any sensor within that topic (or reasonably expected to be within a few kilometers) can sense this activity without having to actively sense. It’s a lot. All drawbacks relevant to the technique are also applied twice.
Mightier Than the Sword: After many years of utilizing his mind instead of his body, Rivu is more capable of expanding his intellect than his muscles. Experience required to raise Intelligence is reduced by 50%.

But Only In Theory: Having left his body, to exaggerate, emaciate over the years, it takes far more effort to build physical strength than mental strength. Experience required to raise Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed and Coordination is increased by 50%.


With a ragged head of black hair and a generically handsome face, Rivu has an otherwise completely forgettable expression. His blue eyes often go unnoticed as he stares to the ground in an attempt to remain unseen. He rarely smiles, though anyone that saw it would be immediately become aware of just how handsome he actually is.

He typically wears long red shoulder sleeves, a similar vest that barely covers any of his chest, athletic tape around the midriff and a shoulder guard held on by straps. On this guard rests an inlaid Iwagakure band. His brown pants are fairly poofy to provide relief in the dry warm air of the Land of Stone. They tuck nicely into the top of his tight leather boots. Underneath one of the flaps that hang out from his waist lays a pouch which he typically fills with medical gear.

Around his neck he wears a small teardrop shaped pendant, the last remnant of his long deceased sister or, indeed, the clan. Engraved upon it are two small curved symbols extending from the center up-and-out.



Roleplay Sample: The Cursed One, an eccentric sage-like shinobi turned monster by the stains of calamities previous, faces off against one of his most fierce adversaries.

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PostSubject: Re: Rivu Aiasan   Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:01 pm


~The Twins~


  • Strength: D
  • Constitution: B
  • Stamina: B
  • Speed: C
  • Coordination: C
  • Intelligence: C
  • Perception: C
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Rivu Aiasan
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