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    Yari Nakatomi (finished)


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    Yari Nakatomi (finished)

    Post by Yari on Sat Sep 23, 2017 6:56 pm

    Name: Yari Nakatomi
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Village: Iwagakure
    Rank: Genin (E rank)
    Title: Lady

    Clan: N/A
    Bloodline: N/A
    Element(s): Earth


    • Strength: E
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: D
    • Speed: E
    • Coordination: D
    • Intelligence: C
    • Perception: D

    Unique Abilities:

    Special Unique Ability: Smarty Pants – When making seals, Yari’s intelligence is considered a rank higher.

    (I may think of others during the grace period but for now I guess that’s all I want)

    Appearance: Yari is a petite girl, standing at about five feet tall and ninety or so pounds and sporting a very thin frame. She has blonde hair that is so light it almost looks white in some cases. She usually keeps her hair tied into either pigtails or a ponytail with some hanging down. She has piercingly blue eyes that are large and the most prominent feature on her face. Given how she grew up, she dresses very frequently in fine clothing highly inappropriate for being a shinobi.

    History: As the youngest of five children of a disgraced nobleman, Yari was born into affluence and luxury. While they were not influential shinobi, throughout history the Nakatomi were proprietors of shinobi, daimyos, wealthy plantation owners and much more enterprising type people. Her father, Genji, was the head of the main branch of the household. Being the youngest, Yari was naturally the most spoiled of all her siblings; she had no great expectations of her like her older siblings, and grew up in the lap of luxury, being waited on hand and foot.

    All of this would fall apart when it was discovered that Genji Nakatomi was selling secrets to enemy lands in exchange for profits off business ventures. Disgraced and exiled, Genji and his eldest son Nagi (who was also part of the scheme) fled the country, never to be seen or heard from again at this point. The remaining Nakatomi were disgraced as well and lost all influence and power. A cadet branch, the Nagori, took control of Genji’s estate and wealth, and cast the scourged family out on the street when Yari was ten. Suddenly penniless and without any influence or prospects, the four remaining children and Genji’s wife sort of took their own paths. The eldest, a brother named Yamato, was the only one to stay with the family at the time. The other two dispersed on their own paths and no longer have contact with Yari, her mother Kimiko, or Yamato. Kimiko became a depressed alcoholic, and it was fallen on the shoulders of Yamato and Yari to save them from the streets.

    Yamato was already older at the time, and is in and out of jobs due to his never having worked a day in his life. Horrified by what her family had become and the wretched conditions she was living in, Yari did the one thing a girl her age could do: join the ninja academy. Now as a genin, she not only wants to make money for her family, but restore honor and fame to the Nakatomi name.

    Personality: Put simply, Yari is a brat. She grew up spoiled and getting whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it. Money was never an object, and she was filled with rhetoric about how much better she was than everyone else because of her status as a noblewoman pretty much since birth. Though she was still young when her family hit poverty, much of her spoiled personality is still very ingrained in her. She thinks she is better than most everyone else, especially based on wealth or status (even though she no longer has either), and has a tendency toward thinking she is entitled to everything and people should do as she pleases. She has had a hard time adjusting to the world of the underprivileged with this mindset, and it has led her to become somewhat of a tantrum thrower with a big attitude. She hasn’t made many friends at all because of this, and is seen by her superiors often times as more trouble than she’s worth.

    Underneath her princess-y exterior is a girl who is incredibly insecure about her place in the world. Falling from grace and losing everything she had ever known was not easy on her mental state as well as her physical one. In reality she is very embarrassed by her situation and most of the time will try and hide it, and will become easily upset when anyone mentions it to her or makes fun of her for it. In actuality she hates the life of a shinobi (and it frequently shows) but she tries her best because she is desperate to restore honor to her family name so as to avoid the horrible comments people make. Her family at the present time is still more than just a name to her; she is doing it not only so they can return to a life of semi luxury but also because she hates to see her mother and brother like this, and cares for them both very much. She is not accustomed to hard work and struggles with what many would consider laziness but in reality she is just not used to doing things for herself and pushing to get what she wants.

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    Re: Yari Nakatomi (finished)

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