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    Under the Moon's Shadow



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    Under the Moon's Shadow

    Post by C on Tue Nov 07, 2017 5:18 pm

    The white, pale light of a half darkened moon shone down upon the barren, dreary landscape. A plain of rock and dirt laid out before it, the shadow of the moon moved across the land, scattering dust and pebbles in its wake. None could see under the cover of darkness what it was that moved, only the fact that there was something moving; though they did not know it, this was their only saving grace, for those that looked and moved on, thinking nothing of it, lived. Those that lingered just a little too long, and those that ventured closer to see, were not so fortunate. The ground shook every time the shadow ceased moving, as it lingered back only enough to find what sought it and handle the problem with less than subtle methods. Some assumed the tremors just that, others realized the true source and wisely chose to ignore it, wanting no part in whatever it was casting so great a shadow under the moon.

    A group of scouts from Iwagakure, as devout in their work as those in the other lands, were some of the unfortunate individuals to wander too close to the shadow and, only just after witnessing its true form, became bloodied remnants of just another tremor as the shadow continued along its sullen path, destination unknown, yet course determinedly set.

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