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 Activity Check Results

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Masuyo Kaede

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PostSubject: Activity Check Results   Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:14 am

Quote :
Activity Check final results -

The following people have lost the right to register any alts above the rank of Genin until the next activity check.  In addition Calypso is hereby stripped of the rank of Raikage.


The following characters is now in a coma. He has one week to post or he will die. In addition, Shin is hereby stripped of the rank of Kazekage. Sithis is demoted to Chuunin.

Sithis (Kumo) - Jounin

The following characters are now dead

Azumi (Kohana) - Chunin
Asura (Suna) - Jounin
Kaori (Suna) - Chunin
AsahiTanaka - (Kiri)
Ekibyō (Kiri)
Kagetsu Hozuki (Kiri)  - Jounin
Orochi Risu (Kiri)
Xing (Kiri)
Eevee (Iwa) - Chunin
Marx Duo (Iwa) -Chunin
Rivu Aiasan (Iaw) Jounin
Yari (Iwa)
Akashi Uzumaki (Kumo) Jounin
Seigi (Kumo) - Former Raikage

Everyone else may proceed as usual.

Check out the updated roster if you're interested in registering an alt!

Strength: C
Constitution: B
Stamina: C
Speed: B
Coordination: B
Intelligence: C
Perception: B


Character Updates

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Nee-san Tetsudashi

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PostSubject: Re: Activity Check Results   Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:34 am

To coincide with the completion of the activity check we are introducing some new rules regarding open ranks. Starting Chuunin registrations will officially be closed. A village may only have one starting Jounin slot for every three genin that they have. When checking the roster and deciding on creating an alt keep these rules in mind. They can also be found in the Rules forum in the "Shinobi Ranks" thread.


  • Strength: D
  • Constitution: D
  • Stamina: A
  • Speed: D
  • Coordination: S
  • Intelligence: A
  • Perception: S
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Activity Check Results
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