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    Nikuyo's Home


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    Nikuyo's Home

    Post by Nikuyo on Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:14 am

    The house was small, as he didn't need much space for what little he owned. Only one room, ten meters by twelve, enough to work out when the weather is too bad while also storing what food and items he needed. A single cot was place in a corner of the room, angled so that the foot of the cot was lined up exactly with the door. He didn't want any surprises, after all. To this regard, it was heavily patrolled by the village as watchmen made their rounds. The chuunin dropped his stuff off, and once he had left Nikuyo would immediately dress himself in said armor. All of it. He kept his weapons from the summit on him and grabbed one more, his katana. The Mizukage took his large coat off, dropping it carelessly on the ground before rolling his shoulders to pop an out of place vertebrae back in. "I'm not old yet," he grumbled silently to himself. With that self reassurance, Nikuyo exited his home and headed back for the eastern gate.


    Element(s): Suiton, Fuuton, Raiton, Hyoton

    - Ninjutsu
    - Bukijutsu


    Strength: C
    Constitution: C
    Stamina: A
    Speed: B
    Coordination: S
    Intelligence: D
    Perception: A


    2 Kama
    2 Trench knife
    2 Tekken
    150' of steel wire
    40 kunai
    40 shuriken
    5 smoke bombs
    1 Chili Pepper Bomb
    5 Flash Bombs
    10 Explosive Tags
    5 Blood Pills
    Coagulation Pills
    Med Kit
    4 Bandage Wraps
    Spring Loaded Kunai Mechanism
    Mail Shirt
    Steel Arm Guards
    Steel Shin Guards
    Leather Faulds
    Leather Cruisse
    Leather Spaulders
    5 Grain Alcohol
    20 Military Rations Pills
    3 Baldrics
    4 Holsters
    5 Pouches-

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