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 Working out

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PostSubject: Working out    Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:38 am

Early in the afternoon shortly after lunch time found Ryuko located just behind the main academy building.  Given her rank as a gennin it seemed on the surface a rather odd place for her to be but she had come here for a reason.   Since she was lacking a sensai at the moment she had come here to ask the teachers for advice on what sort of jutsu to learn.

It was her first time visiting the building, but they had been kind enough to lend her a scroll to use with a few mid ranked weapon jutsu on it with the proviso that she didn’t take it off academy property.  Given how valuable such scrolls could be she could understand the precaution. Even widely known moves like this could be trouble in the wrong hands.  

Take the bandit group she had taken down led by an ex academy student.  All it would take was a couple of scrolls like the one’s she had and they’d been enough to turn them into ninja in their own right.

In addition to the scroll from the instructors she had well read scroll of her own, brought with from the monastery in the mountains.  Contained within it was everything one neede to know about a fighting style known as the Arhat fist.   So far she had completed more then half the scroll leaving only the last three moves left to learn.

As a martial art specalist that made her “good” for a gennin. Once she finishshed the scroll it would maybe even put her above what would be expected of her rank in terms of capability.  Most people wouldn’t expect a lot of b-rank moves coming from a gennin after all.  But was it really enough?  Arhat fist was by far the most well known fighting style in the shiobi world which meant people would be able to read her.

Not much of a problem if she was facing anyone slower then her, but she was a far cry from the fastest shinobi around herself which meant that by itself it wouldn’t take her very far, especially with the total lack of A and S ranked moves.  Sure she mixed in some Muay Thai and a couple other styles but those weren’t anything special either.

In the worst case scenario If she ran into someone who could use their element in close combat or could block her physical attacks she was in some serious trouble. What she was going to attempt learn today wouldn’t fix all of that, but it would go a long way to improving the situation as well as give her a bit more range support for the times she couldn’t get close in.

Today as with almost every day when she was on duty she was wearing her usual shrine priestess outfit which consisted of a purple kimono top with matching colored detached sleeves. This kimono was tucked into a red pleated skirt held up by a light blue belt and below that where detached purple stockings.   Over her kimono she wore a mantle. It was purple on the outside with with with her clan symbol woven in gold back but red on the inside ,with golden trimming along the edge which denoted her rank as a priestess.  It went a great deal towards concealing the batons she had holstered on her belt behind her back as well as her one fumma shuriken.

The most eye catching part of her outfit though was a golden necklace worn around her neck known as the amulet of kings.  With one large flawless blue diamond at the center supported by twelve smaller diamonds around it, it was a master piece fitting for a member of nobility such as herself to be wearing.  

First up was was a technique to enlarge a throwing weapon such as her fumma shuriken which appropriately enough was known as the Ninja Art: Shuriken Giant Body Technique.  For something that was a c-ranked jutsu it was frighteningly simple.  All you had to do was throw a shuriken then form the tiger hand seal while it was in range and the size and weight of the weapon would multiply.

Well techically you didn’t HAVE to throw it first, but it was strongly advised to since the average shinobi wouldn’t be strong enough to still wield it effectively once enlarged.  Wither or not Ryuko herself could do that was an open question she didn’t really care to answer. She was stronger then average now so maybe if she threw her back into it using the right arhat fist stance...   Well it was a lot of energy on a maybe. Energy she couldn’t afford to waste.  The scroll said the effective range for it to take effect was about fifteen meters. That seemed plenty since once enlarged it would still travel with the same momentum she had originally put into it.

Giving it a whirl she clipped her fumma shruiken off her belt and gave it a light hurl towards a target post that sat at the other end of the training yard. Moving quickly she followed up by making the tiger seal and suddenly the shuriken turned three, no four times larger in a burst of smoke.  “Das’t” she thought as she watched it embed itself deep into the post.  That was going to leave a mark. If she’d thrown it at full strenght the sheer size might have split the post in half.

With a puff of smoke the shuriken return to normal size and clattered to the ground for her to retrieve when she was ready. But really what else was she going to do with it at the moment? She’d love to be able to throw it like a boomrang like she could with smaller items but with the level her corridnation was currently at their was no way she could do that and still be able to catch it safely once it came back at her.  Better safe then sorry and leave that for another day.

Next up was a couple of shuriken jutsu using some ninja wire which she’d made sure to aquire the other day for this exact purpose. The first one was simple really, hardly more then a parlor trick where you used the wire to move the shuriken so that you could change it’s direction in mid air after you throw it.  The neat part is she only needed one finger to do this so potentially she could move a up to ten of them at a time if she had enough wire.

The second one was a more advanced version application of the first where you basically threw the shruiken in order to set up a trap with the wires so that you could bind an opponent with them.  She had to admit it would be nice to be able to capture someone alive without having taking out one of their kneecaps first.

Tying some string around the hole on the middle of one shuriken she went to work practicing throwing it around and then moving it mid air so that it would go where she wanted with minimal movement. No grand gestures or sweeping hands, just a twitch of a finger.   Before long she had it down pat.   After that getting the wires to go where she wanted was a cake walk since she was already a dead shot on stationary targets.

Sadly that was where the scroll the academy instructors had ended.  Any high ranked shuriken jutsu was something they didn’t have access to which meant that she’d either have to find someone to teach her directly or learn on her own. Thinking about it they had a scroll on some basic sword moves…  maybe she’d have to think investing in one in the future.  Just because she wasn’t a sword specialist didn’t mean she couldn’t learn a few techniques, just that she wouldn’t be able to make up her own the way she was intending to do with her batons eventually.

Rolling up the scroll she made a mental note to herself to thank the instructors later once she was done and returned it to them.  The rest she didn’t have to be on academy grounds to do but really this was as good as a place as any to practice some martial arts and she’d hardly worked up a sweet so far so she might as well keep going. She wasn’t ever going to improve her stamina if she didn’t push herself.

The next couple of moves where so simple it was almost a wonder she couldn’t do them already. She already knew the shatter palm which as the name implied one thurst their palm at an oppoant to do damage.  Now she was learning the Slamming and Crushing palm which was almost the same thing only with a change of direction upwards and downwards respectfully.    She could do that easily but just to be safe she practiced doing each one for an hour respectfully making sure she had the proper form mastered inside and out so that she could use them on muscle memory alone without having to put any thought into it.

Then for the last taijutsu move of the day she went to work on the smashing boulder which was the ultimate move of the arhat fist.  Some ultimate move really when all one had to do was put all their power and weight into a simple freaking punch.  It was something she was going to have to fix in the future so, even if she had to make up a jutsu of her own so that the style finally had something worth being called an ultimate move.  

Glancing at the training post she grinned. At this point it was already messed up so what did it matter if she finished it off?  This move was supposed to be strong enough to smash an entire boulder so a tree trunk should be a cake walk.  Remembering how much her hand had hurt after smacking Santa she hesitated for a split second but quickly pushed that aside. Even if It wasn’t ultimate it would make for a good finisher now in a pinch so she needed to make sure she could actually use it if it came down to it.

“Hi yah.” she cried out as she pulled back her first then swung it with everything she had holding nothing back as it smacked into the wood causing it to burst a shower of sawdust and splinters upon contact.  Yep, it worked just as adverstised she thought as she dusted herself off, her hand throbbing slightly from the effort.   She COULD use the attack but she was going to need to be tougher before she relied on it too much.  Plus to be frank the way it ate energy was brutal taking one forth of her entire stamina for just one blow.  

“Good thing I’ve been training to last longer…. I’ll need that extra energy. No wonder they don’t teach this at the academy level despite it being so simple.”  she thought to herself.  She was learning first hand that there was a good reason why most gennin couldn’t learn b rank jutsu.  Just because you where smart enough to didn’t mean you had the energy for it.

Taking a short rest to recover some energy before she went for her last move for the day she poured herself some barley tea and took a sip letting out a long sigh wishing she could have a beer after all of her hard work. Maybe if she ranked up it’d be easier to talk the bars into letting her in.  It was one thing to throw a gennin out but another entirely to do the same for a gennin.

The last bit would be the trickiest since she was was going to have to work without a scroll to as a guide.  But as luck would have it it was a jutsu she had seen quite a few times between her former sensai and her acquiescent Simon. One she wanted to try for herself since it seemed like a really good force multiplier.

Well force multiplier was the wrong word here since she didn’t really want to use it for battle. Correction after doing some research on it she COULDN’T use it in battle effectively at her current level.  Simon was playing dumb around her but the fact he could use it gave away the fact he was a stronger ninja then her if the fact she hadn’t seen him fry Santa with a lightning bolt hadn’t given that away already.

It was simple math really. The kage bushin or shadow clone jutsu as it was also know as allowed one to make a functional body double of themselves, the only downside being that said double couldn’t take a hit.   The problem was it split the users chakra evenly between themselves and their copies.   The plain fact was Ryuko didn’t have a lot of chakra to go around.

At the very most if she had a full tank she could make two clones and still be able to maintain them.  them around but then she wouldn’t have enough left to do anything else with afterwards.  Way way to risky to do during a fight.  Even splitting her chakra in half with one clone would be pretty stupid.  But when it came to applications outside of battle the uses where endless. Just speeding up her crafting time alone would be a godsend.

Forming the same seal she remembered Akahashi using during their training session she emitted a burst of smoke and then suddenly found herself standing side by side with herself, her face looking pale from the sheer drain since she hadn’t done it at a full tank.  Thinking quickly she released the seal clone voluntarily returning most of the energy she had put into it back into herself along with the strange memory of looking at herself from another perspective without the use of a mirror.

“That’s defiantly not one to use carelessly.” she thought to herself as she dusted herself off as best as she could. That was more then enough training for one day,  now it was time to make a special delivery.

[exit towards Heaven Construct]


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PostSubject: Re: Working out    Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:52 pm

It was another day and yet Ryuko found herself back at the training grounds of the academy in a similar stat to one she’d been only a week ago.  Standing with several scrolls stuffed under her arm ready to be studied and with any luck mastered.

Her growth by any measure had been phenomenal.  Going from the equivalent of an academy graduate to being c-ranked in just over a month would be more then enough to satisfy most people but yet she still felt like she was lacking something.

She was a full Vestal now, not just a candidate. She was supposed to be a capable assistant for Noriko and yet she felt like she still had her training wheels on because she was still only a gennin. She had though long and hard about what she was lacking and was looking to remedy those things so that she could rank up.

On paper most of her stats where now above average, except for Constitution and Preception. She could paper over that to an extent with armor and techniques but she felt like she needed her baseline level to be at least all C to be solidly within Chunin range as a ninja.

She only had so many bench marks to measure her progress against. How would she do against the bandits from that one mission if she went up against them now on her own?  Was she good enough to demolish them without her team?   She had no doubt she’d take down a good chunk of them but their sheer numbers could still overwhem her.

What about that sparring match against Akashi? Could she even hope to tag him yet?  The answer was still doubtful.  Prehaps she was setting an impossile standard for herself trying to compare against a seasoned Jounin but in her mind she needed to at least be able to inconvenience one, slowing them down to be useful.

What she had to learn today wasn’t likely to change that outcome, but it was a step towards the right direction.   As a front line striker she relied entirely too much on brute force to solve her problems.  When you couldn’t throw fireballs or lightning your best bet was to strike hard and strike fast.   That was great if she was up against most other people her rank, but it wouldn’t be enough if she went up against a specialist in her own field.

What could she do if she had to fight someone who was like herself that mostly fought with their fists and tools?  That’s what the ninjutsu 101 scroll she had with her would hopefully help.   She was no illusion specalist but most anyone could learn D rank moves, it was just hardly anyone bothered too.  

Doing that would give her an edge, and make her more well rounded. These illusions might not be enough to do much on their own but if they gave her an vital opening during a fight or allowed her to bluff someone stronger then her into running away that would be enough.

Unsurprisingly the scroll didn’t have a whole lot of techniques on it, but what could one expect for something that sold itself on being for beginners.  She was smart enough that she could learn stuff a little more advance even without being a specialist but it was going to be a bit tougher to source such a scroll since they weren’t exactly just lying around.

All in all the scroll only held four techniques inside it.  Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique, Flower Ninja Art: Mirror Flower Water, Lost soul and surprisingly enough the Mist Servant Technique.   The last one was unusual since by the name you’d think it would be exclusive to Kiri but she supposed it must have leaked out at some point.

She had some general knowlage of what sort of genjutsu techniques where out in the world. Not enough to actually preform them obviously, but enough to reconice what she was seeing in many cases and how to counter them.  What was up with so many of them being Demonic? Why had she never heard of a Heavenly genjutsu instead?

She was going to have to ask an expert about it some time, but for now she quickly read through the scroll and set it aside to return to the the library she had checked it out of.  At least being a Vestal had some perks since it had increased her access to places she hadn’t been allowed into before, such as the bars.  She was really going to have to find a proper way to thank Norkio for making that exception for her.

Now that she had some genjutsu under her belt the next thing she needed to do was learn a counter them them.  It was a simple jutsu that almost anyone could learn and yet it was shocking how few bothered. It was a wonder their wasn’t more illusion masters running around, but then it was an art difficult to master even at the best of times.  

Normally she’d need someone else to practice with her but that wasn’t a problem when you could be in two places at once.  Forming a seal a second Ryuko appeared beside the first in a burst of smoke and gave her a wide grin.   Her clone would cast the genjutsu she had just learned on her and she would try and break out of them.

“Kai.” muttered Ryuko, forming the tiger seal as flower petals began flowing around her seemingly out of nowhere.  She let louse a surge or chakra and suddenly the flower petals where gone again vanishing as fast as they had appeared.  It worked just as advertised but of course it was easier to tell you where in a genjutsu when you knew exactly what to look for.  Wither or not she’d be able to spot one she couldn’t already cast herself was another story.

“Um what should I do now?” asked her clone now that the task it had been conjured for was completed.  

“Why don’t you go back home and stat crafting something for me” said the orginal Ryuko with a dismissive shrug.  She’d already spent the energy to generate the clone so she might as well get the most out of it. Now that her stamina had improved  she had twice as much energy as she used to have so being back to half strenght just meant working within the limits she was used to.

This way she could hide some of her growth from the rest of the team for a little bit.  She didn’t want them to feel bad that she had been outpacing them while they where busy dealing with injuries either physical or emotional. And frankly she didn’t need to be at full strength while taking on a few D-rank missions. This way she could get some of her armor ready and get missions done killing two  birds with one stone.

Next was some physical training and having a clone here wouldn’t help much.  While the experience would transfer over once the clone was gone the muscle memory wouldn’t.  You could try and have your clone do physical exercises for you but the hard truth was in the end you had to do it yourself to get any benefit.

What she was going to learn here was simple enough.Well her main fighting style the arhat fist was well and good having a second style to fall back on couldn’t hurt. Called the Spring chant it was a fighting style that focused on speed and number attacks over strength to achieve it’s goal.   The best part was that thanks to her new found medical skills their was a way she’d be able to use strength with it anyhow if she really wanted to.

The scroll she had on it had been damaged and really only had the underlying style with no derivative moves to speak of but it was a foundation she could build on in the future. As way of apology the libertarian had given her a second scroll with a few basic kicks moves in it that didn’t require any particular style or stance to use which meant she could use them with either the arhat fist or Sprint chant, or even just going free style if she so chose.  

“Might as well.”mutered Ryuko to herself. At least some kicks would give her lower body something to work with during the times her upper body was busy using her batons. The scroll had been titled rising and she could see why since all three moves in it contained that word in the title.

Rising Side kick, Rising Scissor kick and Rising defense kick.  All in all a good additions to her expanding arsenal and would go well with another jutsu she had in development that had to do with kicks, only instead of rising this one would be depended on falling, but that was something for another session.

Next was medical since now that she had the skill she needed some jutsu to go along with it.  She had two scrolls on this. One on the chakra scaple which included a fighting style to make the most use of it called the Dissection Blade that lowed the very high coordination requirements to use it in a fight.  This style had a sub jutsu to extend the blade and another to focus it’s energy turning it solid.  

Well having a third style to use would come in handy. Nobody would expect a bruiser like her to have something so delicate up their sleeve.   The hardest part of the entire style was learning to use the chakra scaple itself, but since Ryuko could already do basic chakra flow it was simple a matter of using the same principles on a finger instead of a tool and she had it running within minutes.

The second scroll was more general techniques.   A tech to cleanse the body of poisons c-rank or blow,  a way to make manipulate the cells in her arms so she could stretch them. Something called the pressure strike  Healing hands, The chakra palm and the reverse chakra palm and the more advanced mystical palm. All of it was child’s play to her.

It was only once she started getting into more of the b-rank stuff that it really got interesting.  The Delicate Illness Extraction Technique would really come in handy since it wasn’t something the average genin would be able to do.   If someone ever managed to poison Noriko at least she’d be well positioned to take care of her.

Speaking of poison the Poison mist jutsu offered a lot of potential. Considering how costly it usually was to make poison being able to generate a batch on the spot using just chakra without having to spend a single ryo was way too good to pass up.  

Then was the coup de grace with Chakra Enhanced Strength. Being able to boost her striking power without having to rely on the arhat fist offered amazing potential even if the chakra cost was fairly steep.  If she thought of herself having a pool of roughly 80 or so chakra needing 10 just to cast meant it was something she certainty couldn’t spam it, especially with it needed upkeep to stay active.    If she wasn’t smart about how she used it she would quickly tire herself out in no time.  

There was more medical techs on the scroll that where A rank, but the problem while Ryuko was smart enough to learn them she simply didn’t have enough enough constitution to actually make use of them. No amount of armor she put on could change that so it’d have to be left for another day.  Still having all the b-ranks under her belt meant something and she even had an idea for another B-rank all of her own to explore later.

Taking out a notepad she jotted down her thoughts before she forgot them before proceeding to the next phase of her training.  She had one last scroll to get though and then she would be on her own for the last bit.  That suited her since she was started to get a little winded after all the work done on the b-rank stuff.  

Taking a short break to refill her energy lest her clone go poof in the middle of crafting she read the last scroll which had two techniques inside it.  The first was Chakra strings another basic ninja tech that almost anybody could learn but nobody did.    

Well the monks had always told her she’d likely never have any super techniques no matter how hard she worked so she’d just have to make sure she mastered the basics so well that people would see her use of them as super all on it’s own.  

The second was the Manipulated Tools Technique, which was basically using chakra string to move tools around. At her coordination level she’d be limited in the size and complexity of what she could manage but considering she only had about 15 meters of wire on her not being limited to that would be useful all on it’s own.  Eventually she’d be able to use it for larger tools and maybe she could even refine it into something more. A c-rank or b-rank version that let her use several swords at at time with out needing her hands would be so effective it was scary to even think about it.

Sitting down and crossing her legs she let out a long sigh. That had been a lot of information to process in one day, even for her. But she had one more technique to learn and having all this extra info rattling around made for good conditions for it.

At the monestary they had told her of an advanced martial art technique to boost perception by taking control of one’s subconscious. For once it wasn’t something just anyone could learn since it took years of practicing martial arts as well as studying to learn.  She’d been working on it on and off since she’d started as a priestess and it was only now she was finally on the verge of grasping it.

Clearing her mind of all that was cluttering it she gasped as she felt her awareness of the world around her increase.  It was a strange feeling, being able to notice things she hadn’t been able to before.   It took concentration to maintain, but not so much that it dulled her ability to think tactically.  Shutting the technique down so as not to waste energy she allowed herself a grin.  All and all it had been a very effective training session.

[clone exit towards workshop]


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PostSubject: Re: Working out    Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:54 pm

Now Ryuko was getting into theoretical territory. She had no more scrolls to learn from, no guide to light the way to the technique she wanted to learn. Just scraps of information she had gathered and   hypotheticals she wanted to test.  

The first was one that she had heard about, an ability someone had invented for getting around the mountainious terrain more easily by allowing the user the jump in mid air.  She didn’t know exactly how it was preformed since she didn’t have a diagram but she knew it was derived from the tree climbing practice and water walking jutsu which gave her a pretty good guess that it involved expelling chakra though the feet.

Jumping into the air she shot a quick but small burst of energy from her the souls of her feet which slowed her fall down for about a second before sputtering out causing her to drop to the ground.  That was a far cry from a double jump she wanted to accomplish, but then again maybe she was going about this wrong.  

From what she’d heard the technique worked by giving you a platform to jump off rather then propelling you directly.  That meant she needed to clump her chakra together into something more solid rather then blasting it out like a jet.   Raising one foot above the ground rather then jumping she experimented with flowing energy out of it until she got the result she wanted which resulted in the creation of a a thin almost transparent panel.  

The panel could only support her weight for a brief moment, just enough for her to volt from it but it was enough.  Now all she knew how to form them she practiced on it some more so that she could form them on command in the blink of an eye.  While good for double jumping there was a hard limit to how many platforms she could make in a row which meant it couldn’t come anywhere close to being able to fly.  But that was a problem for another day.

Holding out a hand she covered it with green medical chakra. It was funny really how chakra could take different forms depending on the intent behind it.  Funnier still that medical chakra which was meant to heal could also bring harm instead.  Though harm in this case was relative as she was looking for a way to temporarily induce paralysis.  Great for capturing a target alive (or setting them up for a finishing blow).

She just needed the right vibrational frequency and when she hit someone with a open plam it would send a shockwave though their body that would cause their joints to lock up leaving them helpless for a short while.   Anything stronger would run the risk of doing more damage then intended which was a shame since she already had plent of other ways to snap a foes bones if she truly wanted.  

The worst part was it wouldn’t be universally effective against anyone.  If someone was rugged enough it would only slow them down a little and the truely tough could shrug it off entirely.  Still it’d be more then enough to drop the average gennin she’d be up against in the chunnin exams and could prove usefull down the line if she needed to keep rowdy students in line once she became a teacher herself.

Next she had an idea about how to boost her speed that wouldn’t limit her to a straight line like the body flicker. Perfect for a heavy taijutsu fighter like herself, but sadly it would require intimate medical knowledge to use properly it wasn’t something she could share with her team or Noriko.

It was a simple idea once you knew what you where doing.  By flowing chakra though the respiratiory system you could dramaticly increase oxygen flow directly to the muscles responsible for locomotion thereby boosting their performance.   What made the actual execution complex was that you had to know the correct muscles to provide extra oxygen too otherwise not only would it not work, but you could even hurt yourself in the process of trying.

The last was something special. She’d been looking for a finishing move for a while.  Every ninja worth their salt had at least one or two.  Her’s was a simple flying side kick, jumping into the air and using the momentum of her fall to maximize damage.   The question was how to fall faster since gravity effected everything the same. She couldn’t increase her gravity so the only other option was to reduce wind resistance.    Jumping into the air she preformed the kick again and again and again until she found the perfect form to steam line her fall so that it was as fast as she could possibly make it without some using some sort of booster like a jet pack.

Satisfied with the results of her training Ryuko dusted herself off then left the field to get a hot shower and some food. Now that she had some more jutsu under her belt it was time to find something to actually put them to use.



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Working out
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