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 song from his childhood

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Sora Inazuma


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PostSubject: song from his childhood   Tue May 15, 2018 6:28 pm

Sora was calmly sitting on the rooftop of the hot springs his father owned. He was watching the sunset calmly with his blue-grey eyes of course his left eye was covered by his thick black hair like always.  On his left upper leg was black guitar with white decortion calmly resting while his lower legs dangled down the edge of the roof. His right hand was holding up the neck of the guitar while he pushed a couple of string down next to the frets. His left hand was holding a small triangle shaped plastic piece. The sun got a bit reflected by the keys of the guitar and the strings. although he made sure nothing was reflected into the springs.

Being on the roof was Sora's favorite place. It gave a great view over the village and a great view off the sun sets and rises. This was the only place Sora really felt comfortable since most people weren't really troubling him or no one really looked up at what he was doing since when he was here he wasn't doing anything. He was mostly just laying there staring at the sky.

Sora noticed some stars already appearing above him in the sky while the sun was setting further down. The plastic piece calmly stroked over the strings of the guitar making sure everything was in tune. One of the clan members gave him this guitar when he was younger and learned him a couple of songs. There was one song that was more special to him though since it was the song his mother thought him while he learned to play.

When Sora tuned all the strings he calmly started strumming the string while the fingers of his right hand moved into place for the right cords. He started the strum a bit harder and faster making a small melody with his guitar before he mouth calmly opened. He started singing softly the words of the song his mother thought him.

The song he plays:

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song from his childhood
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