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    Iro Fujio

    Iro Fujio

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    Iro Fujio

    Post by Iro Fujio on Thu Sep 14, 2017 5:25 am

    Name: Iro Fujio
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Village: Sunagakure
    Rank: Chuunin
    Title: N/A

    Clan: Fujio Clan
    Bloodline: Scorch Release
    Element(s): Fire, Wind
    Skill(s): Fuuinjutsu, Ninjutsu

    • Strength: D
    • Constitution: C
    • Stamina: C
    • Speed: C
    • Coordination: C
    • Intelligence: C
    • Perception: D

    Unique Abilities: N/A

    Appearance: Iro dresses the common appearance many active Fujio clan members wear. Like many Shinobi she wears the common black sandals which secure her feet and ankles. Iro wears a pair of loose fitting black pants which extend shortly above her ankles, which she has wrapped in a set of white bandage wrap. Her pants are paired with a black sleeveless, backless top with a white undershirt in the same design. A single, tan obi is worn around her waist. Lavender arm warmers are worn around her forearms which are additionally wrapped with a tan cloth. Around her neck Iro wears a matching scarf. Around her forehead Iro sports her forehead protector. In a black cloth she has the steel plate facing the front with Sunagakure's emblem engraved on the plate.

    Iro has long, plum hair which is fastened in a long ponytail using a tan hair tie. She keeps the rest of her hair parted in the front with two long bangs reaching down to her chin. Iro herself stands 5'8 and weighs approximately 140 lbs. With deep tan skin she bares golden amber eyes. Iro has an impressive athletic figure including a toned abdomen with muscle work shown around her body.

    History: When born, she grew up only with her mother due to her father being slain in combat a few months before her birth. While growing up from a small child she was loved by her mother dearly. Being the only child, the two have a strong connection to each other as she taught Iro all the things about being a woman and respecting others. She attended public school for her entire youth until she graduated. It was then she had to decide what she wanted to do with her life. The idea of finding a study or joining the work force did not peak her interest. In fact it was viewed as a dull lifestyle.

    It was only until recently Iro was intrigued in the art of the Shinobi. The idea of following a military career path was risky and rewarding, something Iro wanted in her life than living as a victim in the confines of her village. By following that dream, Iro entered the academy at age eighteen. Being much older than most academy students, though not alone, she practiced the basic arts in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. From obsessive practice in those fields, she was able to gain formidable skill in those areas. Following the academy like any other child, she was able to pass on the first year due to her mind being prepared for long hours of study and discipline. And just like that she passed the Chuunin exams following the same principals of work. She was quick to pick up on her strengths and weaknesses, and applied them to her training. Applying her scholarly knowledge to the field was a lot more useful than she thought.

    Personality: Iro is a fairly balanced person, dedicating a lot of her free time improving her weak points. Her skill focuses in the academy until now has shaped her into role model, being incredibly athletic and intelligent at the same time. Many can view Iro as reserved and modest, not so much a fame or attention seeker. Conservation with her private life not much know about her aside from those she considers close within her clan district. Iro has grown to almost live two different lives. On duty she remains platonic with her comrades and almost emotionless with desires to keep her work life away from her private life. On duty she is considered to be highly reliable on the field as well as a voice of reason when settling disputes. She views everything through a pragmatic lens when at work not letting relationships or emotions cut into her line of work.

    Outside of her work life Iro becomes a lot more open to her emotions, often displaying sympathy and a higher degree of care to those she interacts with. This could be seen as more of her "true" self, her other side being viewed as more a personal wall she puts up when interacting with people on her shift versus being with her family or close friends. Iro is instead a very generous and care-taking individual, often seen helping what she can around her family's estate.

    Roleplay Sample: The Genin carried an odd set of gear, much more different than what one would see on a common Shinobi. She wore common black sandals many Shinobi wore which were light and protected the feet more than the standard footwear. Her outfit was a combination of short black shorts, the length stopping three inches above the knee, a mesh shirt fine enough to prevent exposure but well-ventilated, and a black Haori Kimono over the shirt. Natsuru used her forehead protector as a piece of headgear having it over her head to secure her teased pony tail in place. Her waist line had her utility belt which carried tools and compartments. On both sides of the belt she had her steel hook swords on a lanyard. Next to the right hook sword was a blue holster. Around the back side she had her ninja tool pouch attached on the belt over her right side. On the other side of her behind was a rope coiled up and attached to the belt on a lanyard as well.

    Across her chest she wore a black leather baldric which supported a steel crossbow aligned diagonally with her body. Below that was a capsule which was used to carry her bolts for the crossbow. The woman's almost pale skin, deep blue eyes, and blue hair gave her a very unique reputation in her home town. Following her details she was given for the Chuunin Exams she and her newly found group were to hike up some of Kumogakure's notoriously steep mountains. Prior to actually arriving in the area, Natsuru felt it was appropriate to introduce herself to her new team. She was unaware of both of their relationship to each other, however Natsuru had never seen them before in her life. "I am Natsuru Senou. I specialize in close quarters mostly, though I can say I'm at least a bit effective if you need me longer range. I'm also a Sensor, so don't expect to be caught off guard when I'm around." Hopefully she expected her other teammates to exchange information as well. By the time they did finish, the group would struggle up the very steep mountain range until they officially entered the arena.

    Up on the mountain top there was a blanket of white clouds providing moderate shade around all parts of the mountain, areas where outcrops directly blocked the sun offered even more shade to hide in. Lucky for her, or more so the whole team, Natsuru was an active senor who could detect chakra regardless. Their peak was thirty meters approximately, rugged like all the others. Natsuru carried her crossbow in both arms in a ready-like position pointed down towards the ground in front of her. It was already loaded with a bolt. "I've never been this high before despite spending my life around this land. I don't think I could bare looking off the edge. Try not to wander too far off from the main part of land." Natsuru gave as a general precaution to her teammates. She did not want to see anybody dead over a simple rank.

    Natsuru stopped walking around midpoint of their mountain top. "So how should we handle this? We could either wait for them to pass by and catch them flat footed, or seek them out. I'm fine with either approach." Natsuru spoke to both of her teammates, ready to dispute any uncertainties among them both. She was a little biased towards the ambush method. After all, it would only suit them all as Shinobi. Natsuru was a natural in those regards.

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    Re: Iro Fujio

    Post by Tsuyo on Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:10 pm

    Good to go

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