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    Natsuru Senou

    Natsuru Senou
    Natsuru Senou

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    Skills & Elements: Kyujutsu | Sensory | Engineer | Kenjutsu
    Class: B
    Ryo: 50,000

    Natsuru Senou

    Post by Natsuru Senou on Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:53 am

    Name: Natsuru Senou
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Village: Kumogakure no Sato
    Rank: Genin
    Title: Ao Oni

    Clan: N/A
    Bloodline: N/A
    Element(s): N/A
    Skill(s): Misc. Crafting | Kyujutsu | Sensory


    • Strength: D
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: D
    • Speed: D
    • Coordination: D
    • Intelligence: D
    • Perception: D

    Unique Abilities:
    Breaking Boundaries: Natsuru, being a natural gifted user of Sensory, focused the bulk of her academy years studying her ability. Not only did this cause he to fail graduation, but it turned out to be the only technique she learned. Natsuru starts off with the Sensing Technique (A-rank), but as a result does not start off with 5 D-rank technique. In addition, the dedication to sensory stunted her development making the next 5 technique she learns double the word count.

    Hot Cakes: An avid spender at her local General Store and hobbyist for crafts she's on excellent terms with her local shop keeper granting 50% off all prices when buying raw material within her own village.

    Friend in Need: Natsuru has great ties with people who help make her life easier. Within her own village she can get one item sealed with the Enclosing Technique by an NPC for 10,000 ryo. This seal is at D-rank quality.

    Inventing is my life, not just a hobby: Natsuru is comfortable enough to speed up her crafts, having done them many times to where they're to the point of almost being muscle memory. When speeding her crafts she can cut the required time in half (rounding up.) However, this can only be done by sacrificing a tier of Coordination, limiting what she could apply this feature to.

    Appearance: Natsuru dresses similar to most Kumogakure shinobi as she prefers the simplicity and darkness their uniform provides. Black sandals cover both feet secured tightly providing comfort and protection. She wears black pants with a black lapel on the left side. Along with a mesh, sleeveless undershirt she wears a sleeveless black top with a zipper running down the middle. Her outfit is completed by wearing her forehead protector around her forehead. Being made with black cloth she has the steel plated emblem facing the front in clear view. Natsuru has very fair skin with an almost ink-like navy blue hair, which matches her eyes in the same regards. Standing at 5'10 she has a very slender frame which maximizes her role as an archer.

    History: Natsuru grew up in a rather wealthy family within Kumogakure where she was privileged and spoiled rotten. Because of this she spent her youth developing many hobbies, her most favorite becoming archery and tinkering which would later grow into being her professions. It was not until she was fifteen that she decided to pursue a career as a Shinobi. This idea sparked as a way to make use of herself as well as explore the world to develop new ideas. In order to do that she had to develop skills for survival lest she wanted to depend her life in hired Shinobi's hands. Within the academy she discovered her gifted nature as a Sensory shinobi which she poured every ounce of focus into that ability flunking her first year. It was until the following year did she actually pass the academy and became a Genin where she spent most of her time running simple chores and using the gained money to fund her hobbies.  

    Personality: Natsuru is a cynical and jaded loner who spends the vast majority of her time by herself. She has very few friends and prefers it that way, trusting a scant amount of people with information on her private life. He treats new people with anything from curt mistrust to outright hostility. Because of her distant attitude, most who do not know her find her sinister in appearance and demeanor. Despite this, Natsuru is not callous and is capable of feeling guilt for her actions. She has a razor sharp wit, often remarking on events with sarcasm. She seems to reserve her sense of humor for herself and her close associates. Natsuru is capable of forming friendships with those that have demonstrated they are worthy of her trust, though she still maintains a level of distance from them. She is a fully devoted craftswoman with a drive for hobbies and arts, as well as conceited for believing she is gifted with the nature of sensory.

    Roleplay Sample: N/A
    Natsuru Senou
    Natsuru Senou

    Posts : 232
    Join date : 2017-09-25

    Character File
    Skills & Elements: Kyujutsu | Sensory | Engineer | Kenjutsu
    Class: B
    Ryo: 50,000

    Re: Natsuru Senou

    Post by Natsuru Senou on Tue Sep 26, 2017 4:30 pm


    Strength: B
    Constitution: B
    Stamina: C
    Speed: B+
    Coordination: A
    Intelligence: C
    Perception: A


      Right Thigh
    • Tanto
      Left Side
    • Katana
    • 11 Iron Broadheads
      Hip Pouch
    • 30 Shuriken
    • 20 Caltrops
    • 10 Explosive Tags
    • 5 Chili Pepper Bombs
    • 2 Smoke Bombs
    • 2 Flash Bombs
    • 20 Military Ration Pills
    • 5 Blood Pills
    • 5 Coagulation Pills
    • Nightpain
    • Kakute x5

    The Founder
    The Founder

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    Re: Natsuru Senou

    Post by The Founder on Tue Sep 26, 2017 5:19 pm


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    Re: Natsuru Senou

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