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    At the Market


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    At the Market

    Post by Kaori on Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:19 pm

    Kaori walked through the streets of Sunagakure, looking for some shops that sold some of the goods she needed. As someone focused on medicine, chemistry and ijutsu, it would make sense to purchase some supplies that would suit her needs. At one shop, she purchased a medikit, extra bandages, some grain alcohol and an assortment of vials and flasks to hold her chemical concoctions.

    Along with the medical and chemical supplies, Kaori stopped by another store that sold standard issue ninja supplies that no ninja should be without. Of course, Kaori purchased kunai knives, shurikens, smoke and chili pepper bombs, a trench knife. senbons, and some things to store them in. She still had plenty of money left over, which she planned on spending later.


    Medikit - 5k ryo
    Bandage Wrap x4 - 2k ryo
    Trench Knife - 3k ryo
    Grain Alcohol x10 - 1k ryo
    Kunai x15 - 1.5k ryo
    Shuriken x20 - 2k ryo
    Explosive Tag x5 - 7.5k ryo
    Chili Pepper Bomb x5 - 5k ryo
    Smoke Bomb x5 - 5k ryo
    Hip Pouch - 50 ryo
    Holster x2 - 50 ryo
    Vial x10 - 100 ryo
    Small Flask x10 - 500 ryo
    Medium Flask x10 - 1k ryo
    Large Flask x10 - 1.5k ryo
    Senbon x50 - 2.5k ryo



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    • Perception: C

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    Shin Kazehana

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    Re: At the Market

    Post by Shin Kazehana on Tue Sep 26, 2017 7:36 pm

    Shin passed through and bought a bunch of things for his puppets. He couldn't wait to get things done. He realized the 50% discount on puppet materials would allow him to save lots of money. No really, a ton of it. After buying what he needed, Shin left.



    Steel | 5,000 ryo per two pounds. (25 pounds = 62.5k)
    Wood | 500 ryo per two pounds. Oak, Balsa, Ash, Yew, etc...
    Wrist-Mounted Senbon Launcher | 5,000 ryo ea. (x2 for 10 fingers = 10k)
    Explosive Tag | 1,500 ryo ea. 15 feet blast radius. (x10 = 15k)

    Steel | 5,000 ryo per two pounds.

    Steel | 117,500 ryo per 47lbs.
    Heat-Resistant Cloth | 10,000 ryo per sheet (x5)

    Bronze | 1,000 ryo per two pounds.
    Wood | 500 ryo per two pounds. Oak
    Senbon | 50 ryo ea (x10)

    So 129,550 ryo
    Divided by 2 because of the 50% suna discount makes a total of 64775 ryo.

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