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    Shimiko's Apartment

    Shimiko Chinoike

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    Shimiko's Apartment

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:42 pm

    Shimiko returned to her apartment covered in blood but grateful to be alive and home. She had moved out of her parent's house shortly after graduation with her older brother's blessing. It wasn't hard to get him to pull strings for her to get an apartment rent free. The girl's parents did not not think highly over her career as a ninja and their over protectiveness was getting on her last nerves. Living together would be untenable and would probably result in  mayhem sooner rather than later. As much as she was annoyed by their squeamishness about her becoming a ninja, she did not want to openly disrespect them and living by herself seemed like a fair compromise. They would probably grow further a part as a result but alas she was on a different and higher path now.

    Shimiko would change out of her bloody clothes. She'd have them placed in a knapsack and thrown down a chute to be cleaned. The apartment staff was very ninja-friendly and understood that most ninja did not have time to scrub out all the blood and dirt from their clothes. Shimiko would then dress in something a bit more casual. A snow white sailor suit not much different than what she would normally wear albeit with a yellow ascot instead of a pink one. The color reminded her of the nameless stranger she had encountered at the gates. Shimiko still had his scarf which was of course meant for Natsuru. The Jashinist had taken good care of the article. Not a single drop of blood had contaminated it and she would have immediately hung it as tapestry in her Jashin shrine (which occupied the sole guest bedroom in the apartment) but it was a bit nippy out and she liked the smell of it. Shimiko wrapped the scarf around her neck and then spent some time working. She drafted a mission report and included an official complaint against Akashi Uzumaki for abandoning them in the middle of a C Rank mission. She would also begin sketching ideas for some new weapons for her comrades. Ryuko could certainly use an upgrade for her batons as could Natsuru. They proved themselves more than capable fighters on the battlefield. Natsuru still irritated her but she supposed that it wouldn't be fair to Ryuko if she didn't equip them both. After all, if Natsuru failed to hold her own in battle it would endanger everyone's lives.

    Shimiko would then leave her apartment to drop off the complaint.


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