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 An Unexpected Return [Private]

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PostSubject: An Unexpected Return [Private]   Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:50 am

The occasional tap of feet upon a surface, beit wood, roofing, etc. occasionally resonated as Simon swooped above Kumogakure's buildings. It wasn't a long travel, since he was still near the previous establishment he was in, but at the same time it brought up concerns. With Shimiko still presumably in tow and unconscious, he brings her to the only natural place, the hospital.

It isn't long before he gets her in a room to be checked out. For the most part, his schedule's empty, so he spends the next few hours waiting on results. Once they do provide him with clearance to visit, and some official information excusing her from any tasks she may be missing due to what was thought to be a comatose state she was in, he heads to her room.

He adorns the vase with a myriad of bright, yellow tulips, then takes a seat near the bedside, just watching for the time being. He didn't feel at fault personally here, but it still brought concerns. This was the same thing that happened to Seigi, her brother, and now it would happen to her. At this point her clan was as good as... well, helpless without support from either of the pair. After finishing up with writing the report, Simon forms the Clone handseal, summoning a shadow clone. Then he stands up, ambling over to her bedside and gazing down at her.

He offers a smile, even if she cannot see it, and even if she cannot hear the words that leave his mouth after the fact. But he provides a reassuring tap upon her forehead with toe fingers, feeling some sense of duty to reside over her. At least until she was better. For Seigi's sake--the man who'd gave him more responsibilities in the first place. His digits shift, to push some hair out of her face.

"I'll talk to you soon."

Then he turns on his heel, report in hand. He steadily heads on out, leaving his shadow clone to watch over her for the time being. With some personal requests made, Simon covers the medical expenses of keeping her life intact and her body healthy as possible--primarily with his own money. Even if it meant that he'd probably have to put in more work, it'd be worth it. Afterall, it was his duty, right?

Unless some twisted person higher than him in ranking came along and took her off of the support coming out of his monthly check, she'd be in fine conditioning. Hopefully. His clone would personally ensure she isn't at risk of being targeted.



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An Unexpected Return [Private]
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