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    Brightening the Future [Solo]

    Satori Ryuutei
    Satori Ryuutei

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    Brightening the Future [Solo] Empty Brightening the Future [Solo]

    Post by Satori Ryuutei on Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:21 am

    Note: Mission Link

    Mission Name: Beat up the Delinquents
    Mission Type:  Guard
    Mission Rank: C
    Mission Goal: Beat up the Delinquents
    Description: A group of juvenile delinquents have been going around at night tagging various shops with graffiti. The owners of these shops are getting fed up with it and have decided to finally do something about it. They are looking to hire a Shinobi to stake out the market district at night and wait for the delinquents to show up and then teach them a lesson. Beat the delinquents or install fear into them to get them to stop their evil ways.
    Payment: 15,000 Ryo
    Requirements: Genin +

    Satori stared at the mission assignment in his hand in what he could only describe as utter disgust. He understood many bullies and delinquents had their own problems in life. Abusive households, or no households at all, but to Satori his values were completely different. Perhaps if he had been in that position, he'd be similar. But he'd like to think not. Like to think he was better than that and had a brain that understood logical solutions to problems. If you didn't like your lot in life: change it. It wasn't that difficult a process to understand.

    Yet, there were still fools that wanted to try and push their problems out onto the world, and honest working people instead. It was infuriating in a way. The merchants in the market had their own jobs to do. Their own lives to take care of, they didn't need a bunch of brats trying to make it up because they wanted to start a petty gang. There were more important things they could do, even if they didn't wish to become ninja.

    Merchants, guards, watchmen, fishermen, farmers, craftsmen, the list went on and on. How many people had he met thus far on these missions that had been non-ninja, but worked just as hard? Deserved just as much respect, just in a different way? He glowered at the paper, before folding it up and tucking it into his chest and sighing.

    He needed to focus if he was going to get this done efficiently. Scare tactics would work, but a small part of him wanted to take it a step beyond that. Scaring them would only cause the situation to end even worse on its own. He needed to offer the brats another option, another possibility. If he could scare them and then use that fear to re-direct them, help them understand there was more for them to do, he'd be happy with that.

    Sighing he glanced up at the sky. Mid-day. There was still a bit of time but there was no point in waiting around aimlessly kicking rocks. He'd spend his time thinking of possibilities while he waited at the top of the buildings in the district.

    Satori would then meander along into an alleyway between stores, before hopping up. Using his claws (careful not to do damage and only use them as hooks in cracks for grip) to climb up until he rested casually on top of the merchant's store. Crossing his legs as he rested his chin in his palm and waited patiently for the night to come; and with it, a bunch of idiotic delinquents that thought they could just get away with anything apparently.

    Several hours later, Satori found himself staring at a marketplace that was steadily putting out their lights. The last few finally going out as they went to bed, and the district fell into dull silence. Satori idly shifted on his chair, examining the grounds beneath him with a curious expression as his heightened senses easily made up for the lack of light.

    Not that it mattered. The idiots were varying lights on them. Flashlight beams cut through the darkness as the group shushed one another and snickered, Satori waited patiently. No use coming down now, he needed to catch them in the act. So, he waited as the small group of what appeared to be three boys padded their way across the district.

    As soon as the spraying began, Satori waited patiently: and then once the design was about halfway done, he dropped.

    The loud thud of his landing was completely unnecessary, he could have landed silently if he wished. But instead he wanted his presence to be known, and the noise did as it was required. The boys spun around in a panic, flashlight beams flashing into his eyes: but they were already closed. His hand shooting out and grabbing the eldest by the head as the other two scattered. Running in the opposite direction.

    They didn't understand why Satori didn't give chase until they came to the dead end the alley ended as. Instead, they slowly turned to see the large, feral man's glowing red eyes as he literally drug their eldest leader by the head. Pulling him along like a toy as the boy smacked and clawed at the massive palm and fingers desperately. Crying out in pain--before he fell abruptly silent as he was hurled into the dead end wall past the other two.

    The dull thud knocked the wind out of the kid, whom fell and finally began gasping for air. In pain, but nothing was broken. Satori halted a few feet from the trio, arms crossed over his chest as the beams of flashlights washed over the alleyway igniting the background behind the intimidating young man.

    "Why are you doing this, of all things?" Satori asked bluntly, staring down at the boys whom were trying to hide behind one another. The attempt was more akin to a bunch of kittens cuddling together in fear of a Doberman. Satori's eyes narrowed as there was no answer.

    "You have two options right now. One is that you say nothing, don't explain yourselves, and be considered minor-tier criminals. In which case I will knock each of you out, take your possessions, handcuff you and throw you to the police force under those laws and then inform your parents--if you have any--they need to bail you out. If you don't have any, you'll then spend the next six months in prison for vandalization of property." The words cut through the air and into them like a knife.

    "The other option," he continued a few moments later, letting the information sink in. "Is to explain yourselves, so I can help."

    His tone turned kinder, and the large man slowly sank down to sit on his haunches as he examined them more closely. They were probably around ten. The eldest was probably eleven at the most. These weren't gangsters, they were a bunch of kids. Judging from their clothing they had no parents, street rats that were lashing out likely. Finally, the leader spoke up nervously.

    "I-it was just a joke, the merchants always glare at us, even though we just want to look! S-so, we stole the paint, and we started to mark up their places. W-we only wanted them to think a gang was moving in, that's all," the boy murmured softly, his voice growing smaller as he went on.

    Satori eyed them for a few moments, before releasing a slow breath. His mind flashed back to his earlier thoughts. All that anger, over a bunch of kids that were just lonely and wanted attention.

    Shaking his head at himself, and the children, he straightened.

    "If you kids want attention, if you don't want to be glared at, then do something with yourselves." He stated shortly, staring down into their eyes and for the first time, they blinked not in fear, but confusion.

    "What?" The eldest asked in confusion.

    "The only ones stopping you from progressing beyond street rats is you. If you want to become more; do it. Learn a trade. Pester a merchant until they throw things at you, and then come back again. Read at the library, it's free. Advance yourselves. Become more and prove everyone that glared at you wrong. Make money, own a home, make yourselves a life. Use your friendship with one another as a strength," Satori's lecture ended there before he idly ruffled a hand through his hair with a sigh before turning and moving toward the alley exit.

    "I won't take you in. So be better people," he stated simply, lifting his gaze up and leaving the trio there, confused, and with a sudden different outlook.

    No one had ever talked to them like that. Treated them not as street rats, or a problem, but as people with a future. Satori had completed his mission and changed three lives. He was going home.

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